As you get older
you regret the sins
you havn’t done.
Michael Summerset Vaughn

Who I am

I am Lucía,
a forty-five-year
old lector
from Berlin.

I am of medium height
and have a slim figure,
my bust is natural
and my bottom is round.
I have short blond hair
and blond pubic hair.

How I am

I offer you sex full of affection and sensuality.
I am faithful, warmhearted, cuddly, hot and playful.

I am curious and like to take time for you.
As I am full of the joys of life and in need of protection I insist on Safer Sex.

Whom I desire

I like the affectionate man,
who undresses me with caution
and explores my body
with his hands

who knows the feminine flora
and grabs unerringly.

My sexual preferences

I spoil you with devoted French and equally like to be allured by you into paradise.
I like it if you caress my hidden angles with your handy fingers or with my toys.

You will enjoy it when I gently massage you and give you pleasure with a sure hand.
I like to be pleased in the Greek way.

My sexual preferences

I like to touch myself under
your glances and eagerly watch you
how you gush on me.
If you have a gentle hand
submerge it into my lap and feel how I
embrace it warmly and softly.

It excites me when you,
the man, dominate and
gently chastise me.

My sexual preferences

I also love to play the game of pleasure the other way round and tame you in a light dominant way.

I offer foot erotic, serve golden shower and gladly give you the pleasure of the Greek love.

Tel.: 0176/64278854
E-Mail: lucia(at)